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Breaking News – Israeli and Serbian lawyers go after scam operators and their payment partners

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FinTelegram Belgrade, a company we established a few months ago, has received information that lawyers in Tel Aviv, Israel, and Belgrade, Serbia, on behalf of EU victims of various scams such as Option888, KayaFX, Bealgo, Tradorax, or 23Traders are filing charges against the participating companies and payment providers in Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Montenegro.

In particular, this includes the Hermes Solution DOO Podgorica, Montival DOO Podgorica or Binex DOO Podgorica, which has already been presented several times on FinTelegram. According to information available to FinTelegram, criminal proceedings in Montenegro and Serbia are currently underway against some of these companies (e.g. under case file number 86/18) on suspicion of money laundering and investment fraud.

Hermes Solution DOO Podgorica wanted for money-laundering
Hermes Solution controlled by Eyal Nachum and Tamir Zoltovski

Most of the companies which are part of the criminal investigations in Montenegro are controlled by Israeli perpetrators. It is a well-known fact, that Israeli perpetrators operated dozens of illegal boiler rooms on the Balkans with Belgrade as their center. In Serbia alone, more than 7,000 Israeli received work permits from the respective Serbian authorities. The Montenegrin Hermes Solution Podgorica, for example, has been controlled by the Israeli Eyal Nachum and Tamir Zoltovski via their shell entity SeeddPay in the Marshall Islands.

Binex DOO Podgorica in Montenegro
Binex Podgorica controlled by Vladislav Smirnov
Binex Group of companies with Vladislav Smirnov Gery Shalon and Gal Barak
Binex Group of companies

The Binex Group was controlled by the Russian Vladislav Smirnov and his associates Gery Shalon and Gal Barak. Smirnov who allegedly also has an Israeli passport was (is) in charge of the payment processes for the group’s scams.

The lawyers in Belgrade dealing with this case have confirmed this scheduled filing to FinTelegram. Currently, they are still onboarding additional victims of the scams involved. They are convinced that reporting EU victims to the authorities in Montenegro, Serbia, and Bosnia-Herzegowina supports the victims’ chances to recover their losses. In Germany, Austria, Spain, Sweden, and other EU countries, investigations against these scams are also pending.

The information provided by FinTelegram has made a significant contribution to the fact that these notifications can now be made in a well-founded manner. Already in the past FinTelegram has shared information with authorities and lawyers in the EU, Israel and the Balkans.


  1. Khalid Khalid December 3, 2019

    Thanks very much for your outstanding reports and intelligence. Also I was scammed by forex company called M-Markets ( For M-Markets I wired funds to Montengero Bank called PRVA Banka, at Podgorica. Till now, no action by local police as they await interpol. I appreciate you guidance in regard to this case by providing address and info about the lawyers at Belgrade/monenegro who are dealing with such cases . Thanks alot.

    • bluechipper bluechipper Post author | December 4, 2019

      Thank you for your comment. Sorry to hear about your loss. Currently, we are putting a focus on the situation in Belgrade and Podgorica. We are aware of the many boiler rooms and fraudulent payment services providers. Currently, some European authorities are already investigating the situation. In Montenegro, the prosecutors also have a case against them.

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