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Corona Pandemic Message from our Law Enforcement Partners- be cautionús but please don’t Panic!

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The Corona Pandemic has also left its mark on FinTelegram News. Our team is currently talking a lot with law enforcement agencies in various jurisdictions. From them we know that some planned actions by EU authorities had to be postponed due to implied travel restrictions. This is of course not good news for aggrieved retail investors but also no reason to panic. Postponed is not abandoned. Finally, we will get those perpetrators.

Our contacts in various law enforcement agencies generally advise not to give panic room in this Corona pandemic. According to our sources, there will be some weeks of restrictions on social life in most jurisdictions, but then it should get better. Pandemics seem to be the price of a global society. We find it, however, remarkable how most EU authorities have reacted quickly, consistently and politically courageously with travel restrictions, closures of shops, schools, and universities.

On Friday, the stock markets, as well as Bitcoin, recovered from the crash on Thursday, at least for the time being. After the panic shopping in the supermarkets on Friday, the shops opened again on Saturday with mostly full shelves. Good signals, right?

We are happy to pass on the “caution but no panic” message from our law enforcement partners to our readers. This applies to physical well-being but also to interactions via the Internet, which is now being used more and more. Please be careful not to fall victim to unscrupulous scammers who exploit this corona pandemic panic. Stay save and don’t let yourself down!

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