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Thanks to a whistleblower we got aware of the ongoing SMART TRADE Coin ICO!  The team of this project shows the same members as the project We Go Crypto. Evidently, Dennis NOWAK, Daan VAN KOELEN, Joerg GEHRMANN, and Chris MARTENS again want to rip off investors by selling a questionable piece of software which is supposed to result in unbelievable high returns. Most likely, it’s just pixie dust and will result in another worthless Zombie-Token like XIN or ArbitraCoin.

We just flipped through the Whitepaper,  which is full of over-hyped marketing promises, like:

Smart Trade Coin promises
Smart Trade Coin promises

or like this one:

But what is really remarkable is that not a single word is lost about the former projects of these people like We Go Crypto, ArbiTraCoin or XIN,…all those Zombieprojects in the White Paper. Those projects left thousands of people with worthless Tokens. This 74-page White Paper is nothing but misleading story telling.

We will dig more into this project soon. But please do not invest in this project. These people are notorious con-artists in the Crypto-MLM space with quite an impressive track record in ripping off people.

Please read our article about our research on those people and their projects here.

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