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COVID-19 Crisis Day #17 – First FinTechs furlough employees amid reduced account signups and payment volumes

FinTechs have a great and promising future in the post-COVID-19 crisis. Currently, however, they too are feeling the effects of the economic emergency status we have been switched into. Many of the FinTechs have experienced reduced customer spending, meaning less revenue from fees. New account signups have also slowed, as has customer support requests. It, therefore, makes sense to utilize furlough schemes to help protect jobs for the post-COVID-19 reboot.

The GirlsDoPorn & PornHub Crime Case – How Online Pornographie Facilitates Child Rape and Sex Trafficking; the Role of FinTechs and Crypto!

Online pornography is a huge and highly controversial industry that is being discussed again in times of the COVID-19 quarantine and curfew. On the one hand, there is an industry of professional sex workers who voluntarily earn their living with it. On the other hand, however, this industry also facilitates child abuse, sexual exploitation of minors and sex trafficking.

US Investors still optimistic while Governments want us to wear masks to contain COVID Pandemic, invade privacy, and the first government shuts down parliament to rule by decree!

The masked society In some countries in the EU, the wearing of masks in grocery stores and in public will apparently soon be prescribed by…

Yukom Cybercrime Case – Former Binary Options CEO Lee Elbaz is to pay $28 million in restitution; Update on the latest developments

The Binary Options Fraud Virus Pandemic is stopped after the ban by regulators in different jurisdictions. However, the next mutant generation is already active. Legislators and law enforcement must fight against it. The Israeli Yukom case indicted in the USA is an important role model in this respect.

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