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Request for information – Forex and Binary Options Scam 4XP with Forex TG and Forex Place

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Almost cold cases

There was a time of forex scams before binary options. Incredible but true. This was essentially the time before 2012 when the forex scammers of the time transformed their business model into the world of binary options. Not surprisingly, we find in the pre-binary options Scams but the known attackers of the Binary Options era such as Guy Galboiz or Yossi Herzog. The good news is that the public prosecutor’s office and courts in France, among others, are currently investigating these old (almost cold) cases. FinTelegram has received the corresponding court documents for the 4XP Scam. This early global Forex scam is an example of the transformation of Forex scams into binary options scams.

4XP and Forex TG with Guy Gelboiz and Yossi Herzog
4XP with Forex TG and Forex Place

Support Request from victims and prosecutors

Some victims of the 4XP scam have joined an initiative and sent the documents to FinTelegram. We have contacted the public prosecutor in France and had the investigation confirmed. We have promised the victims of this 4XP scam that we will support them and collect information. We are currently working on a detailed report and are asking other victims, readers, and whistleblowers for further information.

We are aware that this 4XP Scam is connected to other scams like SkyFX or 4XT. Besides the names of Guy Galboiz (aka Guy Gelboiz) and Yossi Herzog, we have received other names like Yair Abramov, Benny Abramov or Shimon Cohen. We have also received information that victims of the scam claim that the Israeli lawyer David Bitton should be involved. For the most part, we have put the puzzle together but we want to identify additional victims and have their information.

The mills of justice grind slowly but they grind. Let’s support them!

Request for information

If you have any information about the 4XP Scam ( and/or the individuals and entities involved such as Forex Place Australia Pte Ltd, Forex TG Pte Ltd, Forex Place Ltd (UK), Forex Place Ltd (BVI), Forex TG Ltd (UK), we would appreciate information and documentation. You can share this information (also anonymously) with us through our whistleblower system.

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