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Request for Information – Royal Forex broker network with trading styles GMOTrading and ROInvesting

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Due to some interesting hints from our whistleblowers, we start the coverage of the Royal Forex Broker Network. Royal Forex Limited was registred in Cyprus in October 2015 and received the CIF license No. 269/15 from CySEC in March 2015. The CySEC register shows that Royal Forex is associated with the approved domains and Royal Forex has an branch in Berlin, Germany, with Marios Nazaris as director on both entities. Another branch is operated in Vilnius, Lithuania.

From the Google cache, it can be seen that the GMOTrading website was available under the domain until the beginning of January 2020. Now the domain is redirected to ROInvesting or the domain Apparently, GMOTrading has gone offline and was replaced by ROInvesting. The respective GMOTrading App in Google Play has also been removed.

The broker offers CFD trading on various asset classes such as Forex, Indices or Crypto. The website openly admits that 87% of retail investors lose their money with CFDs. In the Terms & Conditions, GMOTrading and ROInvesting like most of the other brokers categorize their clients into two types of investors – Retail Clients and Professional Clients. This offers the broker’s call center staff an argumentative way out of the misery of retail investors. Those who qualify as Professional Clients have significantly more options than Retail Clients. However, Professional Clients also bear a significantly higher risk and are not qualified for compensation payments from the Investor Compensation Fund (“IFC”).

Resource sharing with Rodeler and F1Markets?

FinTelegram has received indications from whistleblowers that Royal Forex may or may not share call center and marketing resources with Rodeler and/or F1Markets. While we cannot confirm this at this time we would like to know more to falsify or verify respective claims.

We see it as FinTelegram’s mission to map the international broker scene in the best possible way and to point out responsibilities and networks in the best interest of investor protection.

Request for information

In case you are a client of Royal Forex via one of their trading styles and/or you have information on the broker network we would be more than happy to receive your feedback and information. Please use our whistleblower system to share your information with our FinTelegram Research team.

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