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Posts tagged as “PayOtech”

Update TradeSolid and IntegraOption Scam Schemes – More evidence about Payobin involvement

In May 2019 FinTelegram reported for the first time about the TradeSolid binary options scam of the Israelis Chen Malka and Nadav Gover. At that time we presented the background of these large scams in detail and based on carefully reviewed documents. We also reported on the involvement of the payment service provider Payotech Ltd. by Eyal Nachum and Tamir Zoltovski. FinTelegram was accused of slander by both of them. Nachum and Zoltovski and none of their companies would ever have supported a scam. A strange reality given the facts. Here's an update on this still not yet finally closed crime case.

Binary Options Legacy – Learning from the forensic analysis of binary options scam Secured Options

In May 2017, the Israeli Eliran Saada, beneficial owner of Israeli Express Target Marketing Ltd was arrested in Israel. He was charged with the operation of illegal and fraudulent binary options schemes SecuredOptions, InsideOption and OptionChase. A Singapore-based victim who allegedly suffered investment losses of over $500,000 filed a criminal complaint with the Tel Aviv police. An undercover investigation was conducted over several months culminating in Saada's arrest. Up until today, the full network around this fraudulent scheme has not been fully disclosed. Hence, FinTelegram does a forensic analysis to learn more about the patterns of investment scammers.

23Traders Update – Giora Tal, Sotar International, Market Giants, and some tax considerations

We have received further information since the publication of our initial report on the background of the 23Traders Binary Options scam. The involved Israeli tax lawyer Adi Mantel contacted us and tried to explain his involvement. He would only have been involved in the establishment of the scam in his capacity as a tax lawyer (for a client). Read the FinTelegram report here.

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